Warranty Booking Request

What is CartDial’s warranty?
  • Under of the repair division of CartDial if a device undergoes a repair. It covers a warranty of 3 months if the repair is limited to LCD only. For rest other repairs or workmanship we provide a warranty of 30 days.
What is CartDial’s Warranty Liability?
  • We offer the warranty only in conditions as in accordance with our terms and conditions. In no condition ‘CartDial’ is responsible to carry a warranty liability on the device that undergoes any type of physical damage, water damage or damage occurred due to any mishandling whose service was rendered under CartDial.
Is the fee waived if phone carries a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • CartDial is a third party repair service provider which does not comply with device’s manufacturer warranty.
Does the original manufacturer warranty void, post repair with CartDial?
  • CartDial is an independent third party service provider. If your device is under manufacturer warranty then getting it serviced at CartDial may void the manufacturer’s warranty.