Q. How does CartDial work?

A. CartDial is trusted smartphone & tablet service network. We fix smart   phones/tablets of all brands & make with the added convenience of free pickup and delivery. We also buy and sell used/refurbished mobile phones.

Q. How do I place a service request at CartDial?

A. Place a service request through the Repairs section or call us at. We visit you,      pick your mobile device, diagnose it, fix it and deliver it – making the process completely hassle free for you.

Q. What happens to my phone once it is picked up?

A. Once your phone is picked, it reaches straight to ‘us’ where our experts take a look at your device and gives you an honest advice about the repair process. Our experts then carefully carry out the desired repair process. Once a device goes under repair it is now the quality control team of our CartDial who takes a keen look at any faults if may persist. If it doesn’t then its our well equipped delivery executives responsibility to deliver your phone back to you safely.

Q. How much does CartDial charge for its repair service?

A. CartDial charges 299/- for the diagnosis of the device. This is inclusive of the price mentioned on website.

Q. How much time does it takes for mobile to get repaired & delivered?

A. CartDial takes one day to repair the device and delivers the device on the next working day at the earliest.

Q. Is there a warranty on the repair service undertaken by CartDial?

A. Of course! CartDial offers a warranty of three months on its LCD and for rest other we provide a warranty of one month.

Q. Is there a service charge on CartDial warranty repair?

Absolutely not. We do not charge any extra amount for repair which is covered under warranty.

Q. How safe is my mobile/laptop with CartDial?

CartDial understands your device is most important you. So do not worry your device is safe as it used to be with you.

Q. What are the product issues covered in the service?

A. CartDial covers the entire range of device related issues. From device’s all minor to all major issues.

Q. Is the CartDial fee waived if my phone is in warranty provided by manufacturer?

A. CartDial is a third party mobile repair service provider. In under no circumstance CatDial can comply with the fee waiver.

Q. Are the digitizers, displays and other components replaced on smartphones original and supplied by phone manufacturers?

A. Not all components replaced on your smartphones are procured from manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc.). We ensure speedy delivery and economical costs by procuring from suppliers that in some cases are not original equipment manufacturers. However, all parts are quality tested and are of high grade, due to which we are able to offer industry unmatched warranty of 90 days for our repairs.

Q. Is CartDial authorized service center?

A. CartDial is an independent repair service provider. We have an expert team of engineers who specialise in all types of mobile repair work. CartDial is not an authorised service centre.

Q. Does the original manufacturer warranty void post repair with CartDial?

A. As mentioned above CartDial is an independent repair service provider. Your device manufacturer warranty might get void.

Q. What about the data on my phone?

A. While we take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet might entail formatting of device and the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Therefore, It is advised to make a back up of the data before handing over the device to CartDial for repair work.

Q. What if my phone is not switching on?

A. Mobiles/Laptop handed over in switched off state would be treated as dead mobile and the actual cost of repair would be confirmed post diagnosis. Rs.299/- would be charged for diagnosis and this amount is non refundable.

Q: How do we book a repairing ticket online?

A: Please go to the Repair section of our website www.cartdial.com and select your device. In this category you will find the different repairable sections of your device ( LCD, Power, Software, etc). Please chose the desired repair and proceed. Once you click on “Proceed to pay” you will be directed to Checkout page please submit your email id. After the submission you will have an option to proceed as a guest or you can chose to register with us for a constant update on your device. Please fill in the requested form and proceed further to the payment section. Click on the Term and condition to proceed further. Choose amongst various payment options. And Congratulations! You have booked a repair ticket with us. Now sit and relax our Pickup executive is on his way to pick your device up for the repair or at our Store.


Q: How do I know what is the actual problem with the device?

A. We will diagnose the device and will update you with the detailed report of your device.